12 Life Learnings from Harvey Specter

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Reasons Why Business Location Is Important


Your business’s location is key to successful operations and overall growth. When choosing your location, consider company needs, customers, employees and equipment needed to complete the services. As, having a prime business location has many advantages as it not only attracts good clients but also employees.

Brand Image:

The image of a brand is extremely important for a business. Obviously, the idea and the presentation is the key to any successful meeting but an ultra-modern business centre located in a prestigious area works as an add-on to the brand value creating a long lasting impression. Similarly, candidates also want to pursue their career in a well-established company.

Accessibility of Business Location

There may be a high volume of traffic in a certain location, but if it is not easy to access then it doesn’t really matter. The location should provide easy accessibility to automobiles with highways nearby and public transport like metro and cabs, hotels and restaurants, banks, attractive shops and extra local development.

Visibility of Business Location:

If your business is located in a well-known complex, it becomes easier for people to remember and recognize it. This helps in building credibility thereby attracting more clients and employees.

These factors play an important role in selecting the perfect location for our business.

Similarly, TEBC is located in The Empire Complex, which is in the heart of Mumbai at Lower Parel at a 5 minute walking distance from Phoenix Mills. Just off the main road, near the Highway which enables easy access and connectivity to all parts of the city. Roughly, 15 minutes away from Mumbai’s rapidly developing financial district, The Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC).

So, what are you waiting for? Book a tour with The Empire and take your first step towards building your own!

Hobbies to Boost Your Employment status

It’s no secret that many employers believe that hobbies and interests are equally important, if not more than qualifications and experience when selecting the applicant for the role. If you’re a job seeker, this means that you may want to take up a hobby or two in order to make yourself more attractive to potential employers and boost your employability – but which hobbies should you take up? It all depends on what type of personal strengths you’re looking to showcase! We’ve outlined 5 common hobbies and the strengths they showcase.

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Traditional office or flexible workspace?


The world has changed and so has the workplace. It is all about creating high-performing spaces that support the needs of the diverse workers today and cutting down on huge investments in the real estate sector.

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Know your Empire!

Based on a core concept of providing the ‘best-in-class’ service, TEBC provides a custom mix of products and services scaled to meet the needs of each client, whether big or small, local or international for significant returns. Located in the Empire complex, a sprawling 3 lac sq.ft commercial complex in the heart of Mumbai, at Lower Parel and the soul of business centres, Andheri. Providing flexible and customizable work space solutions with fully furnished offices, complete business support services, meeting and conference room facilities that enables entrepreneurs to run their businesses without incurring massive startup cost and overhead expenses. Continue reading →

What is Virtual office – How feasible is it?

The virtual office trend is alternately celebrated and scrutinized. As, it can save capital invested on large office spaces and encourage innovation with development offering remote work options. But then again, it can make your staff feel unsettled, agitated and less productive. It’s a tricky situation but the theory behind it is flexible.

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