5 Essential things you need consider when hiring a new team member

There is always an extra level of care, meticulousness and due diligence that needs to be followed when you embark on your maiden entrepreneurial venture. After all you cannot achieve your dream, without a dream team. 
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5 easy ways to add life to your workstation

Your workstation is your home away from home. In most instances you spend close to 10 hours at this location, it may as well become your comfort zone.  In fact, research has proven that in desks that have been personally decorated by the occupants, there has been a significant spike in productivity.   Continue reading →

Desk to a dream: Basic Facts about Entrepreneurship

They say that little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The same applies for entrepreneurship. You ought to know what you’re getting into, before making that vital leap of faith. Sure working for the ‘man’ isn’t the ideal situation to find yourself in. But here are the truths about working for the worst boss of all, yourself. Continue reading →