5 easy ways to add life to your workstation

Your workstation is your home away from home. In most instances you spend close to 10 hours at this location, it may as well become your comfort zone.  In fact, research has proven that in desks that have been personally decorated by the occupants, there has been a significant spike in productivity.  

There are a few really interesting ideas to seriously ‘fancy’ up your desk, in turn raising your productivity and of course, carrying a slice of comfort and cheer into your office. 

  1. Childhood action figures/dolls: Unleash your inner child! Dig through your old toy closets, and unearth your childhood treasures. Your favourite toys like GIJoe action figures, troll dolls or even your beloved Barbie dolls; there’s no limits when it comes to your creativity while jazzing up your work area.
  2. A portable water feature: According to both the Indian and Chinese sciences of Vaastu and Feng Shui, water features are a great way to promote peace while reducing stress. The calming sounds of water will also add an element of novelty to your otherwise conservative and stiff upper lipped work environment.
  3. Comic strips on the softboards of your cubicle: Nothing livens up ones day than an occasional laugh derived from the daily funnies. So what better way to carry your laughs with you than pining up your favourite comic strips to the softboards of your cubicle. Amongst the dreary task lists and often unimaginative HR announcements and memos, this little spark of sunshine is sure to perk up both your cubicle as well as your day.
  4. De-motivational Posters: These A4 sized posters are often a hilarious and sarcastic take on the ‘Hang in there kitty’ type of motivational posters. Easily downloadable from the internet, we recommend that you print them out on art paper, laminate them and let them positively demotivate you.
  5. Custom made mugs: Take your favourite quotes, movie dialogues, posters and anything that catches your fancy, and print them on mugs, and display them proudly at your desk!

We hope these tips help liven up your workspace and bring a bit of cheer into your work day!


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