5 Essential things you need consider when hiring a new team member

There is always an extra level of care, meticulousness and due diligence that needs to be followed when you embark on your maiden entrepreneurial venture. After all you cannot achieve your dream, without a dream team. 
An entrepreneur, needs to first consider his own strengths and skill sets, evaluate them thoroughly and then decide how to structure his team.

In business as in sports, teamwork is everything. Your idea is only as strong and as workable as your team. High functioning teams are the backbones of successful organizations. You wouldn’t imagine a Google without the team magic of Sergey Brin and Larry Page now, would you? So here are 5 things you need to consider when hiring your next teammate.

  1. Are you good together?
    A vital question you need to consider. Sure, you could work with your best friend, but if his attitude, temperament and skill set are not complementary to your own, it will definitely cause your venture more harm than good. Be wise when it comes to hiring a new teammate, after all without the right human capital, you cannot expect your business to go anywhere, because you simply can’t do it all alone.
  2. Is the candidate going to be with you for the long haul?
    A question that you need to ask yourself. Being an entrepreneur, you’ve made a commitment to ride the road for all its good times and bad ones. You obviously will need a teammate with the same outlook.  If your teammate is going to abandon you at the first sign of trouble (which let’s be honest, will happen quite a lot) he isn’t worth having on board. You’d rather be assured of a longstanding association than a short-term disaster.
  3. The question of youth v/s experience
    Youth with its energy and risk taking ability, or experience with its cool head under pressure and its tactical abilities. This is an interesting conundrum, the answer to which lies in yet another question, and that is this, what is your business and what area of it would you like to bolster by acquiring this talent. Figure that out  and you will have solved this problem.
  4. Would you be better served by a team of interns?
    One of the best ways an entrepreneur can build up his team, is simply by offering interns from various backgrounds and vocational set ups the opportunity to learn hands on. Investing in training young minds is always a gamble, but one their relentless energy and enthusiasm more than makes up for.
  5. What intangibles can the new recruit bring to the table
    Attitude, aptitude, people skills and enthusiasm are probably what make the greatest difference to a new start up than even experience sometimes. Besides admitting a new recruit into your inner circle can generate a fair amount of friction if they aren’t mentally compatible with your existing bunch of teammates.

Without the right kind of teammates, your dreams of success will always remain just that, pipe dreams. We hope these pointers help you make a wise choice in your talent acquisition and recruitment. Happy headhunting guys… 


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