On how to spot and identify business opportunities.

Would Sir Isaac Newton really have discovered gravity if nature hadn’t decided to pelt him with an apple? While this may not be an apt way to begin a discussion on how to spot an opportunity, you have to appreciate the fact that Newton didn’t just appreciate Mother Nature’s largesse and eat the apple, he spent a moment in thinking about the opportunity at hand, an opportunity that with time and endless hours of work translated into the definitive theory on gravity. So how do you have your Isaac Newton moment?
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How a Business Centre can help you save money

Being an entrepreneur is a perennial learning curve. Learning first to incubate an idea, establish the need for that idea and then utilize the limited chances to exploit said idea to your gains. Learning to make do and excel with limited resources and partner with people and organizations that are conducive to your style of working and functioning are also essential learning curves. But probably the most important learning of all is the maximization of limited capital that’s at your disposal. Continue reading →

Why E-Commerce is so vital for Start-ups & incumbents

1.7 billion people. A market that is still being tapped. Over 5 billion online cash transactions a day of amounts yet unknown. Mull over that stat for a second. Now imagine if even 5 percent of those 5 billion online transactions were for the purpose of online shopping. Don’t waste your time on the math. See the big picture instead. E-commerce is here to stay. Continue reading →

Things Start-ups need to remember when taking on the big guy

Here’s something a post about the big guys versus the little guy will typically contain. First a parable derived from either Chinese or Japanese lore. A quote from a person who’s been there and done that (for name recognition let’s say Richard Branson, the patron saint of all entrepreneurs) and a feeling that you can do it too. Now that those pleasantries are out of the way, let’s talk about the ground realities, shall we? Continue reading →

Desk to a Dream: Planning your first break into the world of entrepreneurship

The word ‘entrepreneur’ is thrown around a whole lot. The classical definition of an entrepreneur is of course someone who starts off their own venture, undertaking in the process a great deal of risk. But for you to be an entrepreneur in the modern age, you need to consider the ever evolving nature of any and every business.  Continue reading →