Desk to a Dream: Planning your first break into the world of entrepreneurship

The word ‘entrepreneur’ is thrown around a whole lot. The classical definition of an entrepreneur is of course someone who starts off their own venture, undertaking in the process a great deal of risk. But for you to be an entrepreneur in the modern age, you need to consider the ever evolving nature of any and every business. 

Entrepreneurs of today are set apart by one unique characteristic, that the environment around them is more conducive to offbeat ideas than ever before. Never before in the history of business has it been the ‘right’ time to back yourself, if you have a great idea. This is what makes this the age of entrepreneurs.

Now to the concern at hand. You want to be an entrepreneur, but you are stuck behind a desk, near 8 hours a day. While most may quitting their job as the first step in attaining the oft-elusive dream of entrepreneurship, let us present an alternative point of view.

Look at your current venture as a bill paying mechanism. The fact of the matter is that for  all the apparent flaws, your ‘job’ undoubtedly pays the bill. Listen, here’s the bitter truth, entrepreneurs have to pay bills too. And they’ve to work twice as hard as most professionals. So if you want to be known as a kick-starter, you are going to have to be willing to work two jobs, your bill paying one and your dream one.

Planning for an entrepreneur’s life is a tricky job. And admittedly is not everyone’s cup of tea. Make peace with the fact that you are going to have to time your resignation well. Remember, you need your idea to be well thought through before you decide to hedge all your bets on it. You need to have tested it, sampled it well and have a functional prototype ready for potential investors to want to invest in it.

Most importantly however, your current job is a means to bankrolling your dreams, so unless you are Mr. Moneypenny or have the perfect connections, you might want to postpone your plans to quit. It is difficult, but that is why it is well worth it. Don’t believe us? Just ask anyone who’s ever taken that leap of faith and they’ll corroborate what we’re saying. The success stories often come through the unseen blood, sweat and tears.  

Your time will come too. Just keep the faith.


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