Mumbai: A city of beginnings

Mumbai. Maximum city. India’s Wall Street City. The city that doesn’t sleep. Call it what you will, we believe it to be a city of beginnings. How you may ask, and here’s a hint…there’s something in the vibe of this city that embraces, nay literally craves change.

It is this tendency to be receptive to change that makes Mumbai, a city of beginnings. Take a historical fact for instance, the final call for freedom, the seeds of the epic ‘Quit India’ movement were issued from right in this very city.

In business terms this has always been an entrepreneur friendly city.Remember the legendary Taj Hotel, built by Jamsetji Tata, the finest of its time (exorbitant even by 21st century standards). Or for that matter the 1970s with the Reliance wave of Dhirubhai Ambani. Where else but in Mumbai? This certainly is a city of beginnings.

About the entrepreneurial culture of the city, just one thing can be said and that is quite eloquently summed up by amateur Mumbai historian, Shonalee Parker, who says, “if you really want to see Mumbai’s entrepreneurial fervour and zeal in action, a ride on Mumbai’s lifeline, it’s local trains is highly recommended. For in these crowded masses of suburbia you will find marketplaces with commodities as diverse as stationary and vegetables, soap and confectionary and the ever present and ubiquitous bus and train guide.”  There’s something restless about this city. Something that makes seemingly ‘normal’ people take the road less travelled. Else why would someone leave the comfort and relative steadiness of a 9 to 5 routine and seek to be an entrepreneur?

This city has always been about positivity and an innate acceptance to new ideas, which is apparent today more than ever with people, organisations and business centres recognising and encouraging a new wave of entrepreneurship that cuts across all divides. The city has always been a hub for space sharing. From the times of the British, two or sometimes more businesses have cohabitated rather peacefully and seamlessly in one shopfront. 

Business centres today are taking the same space sharing concept to new levels of convenience and opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Imagine all the conveniences of a fully serviced office at a fraction of the cost of lease and overheads. Now all an entrepreneur need concentrate on is incubating his idea and taking it to the next level.

It is this early adoption of revolutionary ideas and being different that makes Mumbai a city of both new beginnings and opportunities. Little coincidence then that Lord Ganesha, the God associated with new beginnings is the patron deity of the city! 


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