How a Business Centre can help you save money

Being an entrepreneur is a perennial learning curve. Learning first to incubate an idea, establish the need for that idea and then utilize the limited chances to exploit said idea to your gains. Learning to make do and excel with limited resources and partner with people and organizations that are conducive to your style of working and functioning are also essential learning curves. But probably the most important learning of all is the maximization of limited capital that’s at your disposal.

Here’s where the need for an office space and the convenience a business centre provides, comes in handy.

The old paradigm: Rent or lease an office space. Pay commercial rates on maintenance, electricity and other overheads.

The business centre advantage: Rent a room/desk. Commercials take care of the overheads like electricity, telephones and internet.

Think about it, you need an office space for three major reasons, to transact your business from, to receive clients and finalise deals, and to accommodate your employees or partners. If you can achieve all the three goals at a sum of money that is a fraction of your rent and overheads, at a professionally staffed business centre, why on earth would you opt for your ‘own’ office?

The fact of the matter is this, as an entrepreneur, you have an unlimited capacity to ideate, but a set of limited resources in which to see your ideas to fruition. Doesn’t it therefore make sense to maximize those resources.

Here’s a lowdown of what a contract at a business centre will cover.

  1. Your basic overheads like electricity and internet bills
  2. The flexibility of working as per your schedule, day or night even on non-working days and weekends (at no extra cost)
  3. A dedicated concierge service that will take care of any and all miscellaneous errands you may have
  4. Dedicated online servers with data encryption to ensure that all your sensitive information is protected and backed up
  5. A dedicated phone line for all your work and personal calls
  6. A virtual office set up (if you so need) where all your calls are picked up and relayed to you in real time, wherever you are, ensuring that your business never skips a beat
  7. Conference facilities on demand.
  8. The flexibility to upgrade or downgrade without any hassles
  9. A premium office set up in the heart of the business district at the fraction of the cost of owning or leasing your ‘own’ office space

Business centres are geared to service the modern, always-on, dynamic business. Where time is of the essence as it is quite literally money. With a list of impressive add ons to just a room with a view, it makes good commercial sense for more and more entrepreneurs to sign up with the business centre model, irrespective of how deep their pockets are. After all isn’t the first rule of entrepreneurship, the prudent maximization of existing resources?


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