Big Advantages of a Virtual Office

A home office is a great start for your venture, but you can’t exactly invite a team from a midsized company you are making a pitch to come home. Even coffee shops are a no go for when dealing with a HOD or a CXX.

Here’s where a virtual office comes in. You get all the benefits of a fully functional office without altering your daily routine permanently.
Here are 5 key reasons to pick a day office with Empire.

  1. Usually most us go in for, if not a complete renovation, a partial revamp of our homes periodically. To avoid constant interruptions and distractions, making use of our office allows you to focus exclusively on your work.
  2. Your kid’s school has shut down for the Christmas Vacations but your work still continues. Normally, you can always arrange your schedule around their school activities, but during the vacations this timetable becomes redundant. With our day office, you can go somewhere to get work done with all the amenities and hours you need
  3. For society, if you don’t go to work, you are only sitting at home watching TV. This does sound like the most fickle argument, but it is a sad reality
  4. Ideal if you are traveling, although a few select hotels do offer a work space, most don’t. In a city like Mumbai, where usually traveling from one meeting to another takes an hour. Being in the heart of the business district will all the amenities is a great boon
  5. Locations make an impression too, and although you may love your home, office or local coffee shop, your client/potential client may not necessarily like meeting somewhere other than an office building or conference room.

We hope this information proves useful and if you have any other ideas or queries you’d like to add, leave them in the below comments section.
And most importantly, Cheers! to a prosperous you


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