The purpose of communication is solely to the message across, but increasingly more attention is being given to how we relay that message. These are some of the words that business professionals often get wrong;

  • Espresso:
    Right                         Wrong
    Es.Pres.so            EX.press.so

This one seems a bit pretentious, but for a Grammar Nazi it does stand out.

  • Cache
    Right                        Wrong
    Kash                      Cash.ay

So when did a word about heading get associated with ‘Che’. In our attempt to French-up, a simple word we changed forever. Credits go to my 8th grade computer prof, my boss, the IT Dept and the list goes on.

  • Niche
    Right                        Wrong
    niCH                      Nitch

Most MBA’s get the concept right, but rarely do they get the pronunciation right. The next time your MBA friend acts up, remind them about this one

  • Tenet
    Right                      Wrong
    Ten.et                 Tenent

English is a strange language, here’s one of the few words that pronounced as it is spelled

Right                          Wrong
Hy.per.bo.le        Hyper.bowl

Excited about an idea? It’s easy to go into “hyperbowl” overdrive and make exaggerated statements, but it’s important you slow down your pronunciation of “hyperbole” and get the terms right.

  • Silicon
    Right                       Wrong
    Sil.i.con               Sili.con

Silicon and silicone are both chemical materials, but don’t mistake their similarities for the same articulation.

Right                          Wrong
Per.emp.to.ry     Pre.emp.tory
A word that means, insisting on immediate attention often needs a look at for the way it is pronounced.

We hope this information proves useful and if you have any other ideas you’d like to add, leave them in the below comments section.
Most importantly, Cheers! To a successful you.


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