Should you hire someone who uses Hotmail or Yahoo?

10 years ago if you had an email account it would have been either with Yahoo or Hotmail and a few used Rediff. The Orkut boom ensured most of us had a Gmail account. Over the years, it went from being your by-the-way account to your primary account.
Getting back to the question asked in the headline, if your potential employee is using a Hotmail or Yahoo email address, they are publicly admitting that they are behind the technology curve. It is not that these services are uncool, they are a security risk.
Most people with Hotmail & Yahoo accounts have no idea what two-factor authentication is or how to enable it. Because of that, their email accounts are very susceptible to someone cracking the password. Also the systems that they use (Phones or Laptops) to access their emails are more vulnerable to spyware or malware attacks. Should you hire, this may become a liability to your continued business success.
Yes, how you use the internet does impact how much at risk you are, but when all factors are equal, Gmail is the safer bet. There is a problem with Gmail ads, but those can be excluded using a simple plugin. Webmail Ad Blocker is one of the better ones (Link)
The email account a candidate uses may be a secondary factor, but it does have a bearing.
We hope you found this article informative. If you have any ideas or suggestions you’d like to add, please leave them in the comments section. And most importantly, cheers to a successful you.


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