Does The Location Of My Virtual Office Really Make a Difference?

As an SME if you don’t really require a devoted office space just yet or it is not viable to invest in an office in a particular location, a virtual office will likely be the perfect arrangement.

A virtual office is also an extremely convenient choice for small organizations owned by lawyers, coders & event planners who find themselves constantly distracted in managing a high volume of telephone calls and other correspondence.

Does it make a difference where your virtual office is based?

A common misinterpretation that we often deal with is, since the office is virtual it doesn’t really matter where you work out of or where your clients are.  Here’s why the truth cannot be further from this assumption

  • Having a Mumbai postcode in a key business hub like Lower Parel, for instance, gives the feeling that your business is flourishing, located near to existing business systems, contacts and an extensive variety of assets. This can add more zest to your pitches and help level a perception battle with the more established companies.
  • When dealing with SMEs, clients tend to start negotiations at the very bottom of the scale. An SME with a credible and premium office location is a different story.
  • Trust is built if your meeting space is state of the art and fully equipped and at the same location as the one printed on your card.

To find out more about the benefits of virtual offices and what we can offer at The Empire Business Centres, email us at

*Note: We conduct a comprehensive check on prospective clients to weed out fly-by-night companies and not destroy or damage by association the reputation of our existing clients.


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