Have you heard about a shared Office Space? For entrepreneurs and solo service professionals, a Shared Office is a great way to experience the best parts of working in an office while still keeping your flexibility and freedom as an independent business owner. Using a shared office space with other professionals can bring you more opportunities, cost savings and a legitimate conference space to meet with clients.

  1. Easy networking.
    Just the simple act of going to work in a shared space will help you meet other business owners and connect with them. This is instant networking that you don’t have to go out of your way to do. You may be sharing space with your ideal client or an important contact who can lead to more business for your company.
  2. Collective problem solving.
    If you’re hitting your head against the wall with a problem, the entrepreneur next door may have just the solution you’re looking for. Using a Shared Office offers you the opportunity to informally collaborate on business problems. Want to try out a new online marketing method? Your office neighbor may have unique insight into the method
  3. The water cooler experience:
    We Learn more and better when we interact with people in the same business space. Interacting with people in the same position as you, helps expand your knowledge base
  4. Professional meeting space.
    Shared office facilities offer conference rooms and meeting spaces that you can use to meet with clients. This will set your company head and shoulders above other competitors who may be using their home office to work or a coffee shop or other public locations for meetings.
  5. A work environment lets you thrive best.
    If you’ve been holed up in a home office and are feeling less than inspired, a shared office space could be the perfect solution
    Working at a coffee shop or public space and find all of the comings and goings of strangers distracting, you’ll appreciate the relative isolation that a Share Office space can bring.

We hope this information proves useful and if you have any other ideas you would like to add, leave them in the below comments section. And most importantly, cheers to a successful you.



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