8 Things That Immediately Need To Be Done After Buying a Domain

With options to buy a domain for as little as Rs.199 many companies have taken the first step towards establishing their presence online. But once you have acquired your domain, then what?

  1. Building your Social media Url:

The next important stage which can get a bit tricky. Choose a matching URL for your Facebook Page, Twitter and LinkedIn.


  1. Registering your Business:

Depending on your business requirements and revenue forecasts, you can set up a proprietorship or a limited liability company
We found this article on Trak.in particularly relevant.

Article Link ->  Trak.in

  1. Web hosting and setting up your domain:

Your domain needs to be hosted online. If it is Godaddy.com you can purchase space on their server for less than Rs. 500 for the entire year.
Other services to try are hostgator.com

  1. Creating Your Logo:

Till a few years ago Microsoft used their full name as their logo. This saved hugely on printing on different types of stationary.

There are great logo builders that one can use or you can turn to http://www.Fiverr.com where you can engage someone to create one for you

  1. Building Your Own Website:

Sounds daunting, but it isn’t. WordPress.com & themeforest.com provide ready templates which you can customize to look completely unique. The Set-up is as simple as editing a ready-made PowerPoint Presentation.
Prices start from Rs. 499 onwards


  1. Setting Up Your Email Accounts:

There are 2 options, either you go with the hosting company or you can opt-in with Google Business.
Security between the two services is on par with Google offering a larger inbox with the familiarity of gmail

Understanding Google Business-> Link

  1. Building Your Business Identity:

Now you can get a dedicated phone number, with an office in a premium location & all the amenities required to run your business. You can have all of this for a fraction of what it costs to own and operate a conventional business
Learn more in detail about how Business Centers can benefit you


  1. Ordering your Business Cards

With your website LIVE, work emails setup and a business address you want to flaunt. It is now time to print your business cards.

We found some great templates here

We hope this information proves useful and if you have any other ideas you would like to add, leave them in the below comments section. And most importantly, cheers to a successful you.



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