Got A Start-Up? Here’s How We Can Help

The hardest part of creating a company is starting out.  Making the unique idea you envisioned for your company real, you need the right technology, infrastructure & people in place.  Here’s how we provide the perfect base for your business.

  1. Start-up capital:
    Money is always tight especially when you are starting out. With Empire you don’t have to invest in furniture and equipment, IT infrastructure and other administrative expenses that usually end up being much higher than you had estimated.
    You ONLY pay for only what you need and what’s essential.
  2. Flexible Space plan:
    When renting conventional office space, you mostly end up taking more or less space than you actually require. At Empire, we can customize your office and office layout based on your staffing needs
  1. Representing your Company:
    Empire is located in the heart of Mumbai’s business area, Lower Parel. Apart from the prestige of the location, commuting to any of part of the city is comparatively easy.
    For certain leasing contracts, businesses can register using The Empire Business Center’s address.
    Our professional support team will receive and relay messages on your behalf and handle visitors and callers.
  2. Honesty in Pricing:
    Our service contract contains NO HIDDEN CHARGES, unnecessary add-ons or closing fee. (Website Link)
  3. Online uptime:
    We offer businesses a fast internet connection with 99.6% uptime. For security, multiple physical and virtual firewalls are setup to ensure security. Learn more (Website Link)

We hope this information proves useful and if you have any other ideas you would like to add, leave them in the below comments section. And most importantly, cheers to a successful you.



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