Why Hindi cannot be overlooked for a Digital Marketer

A relatively unknown language 200 years ago, Hindi today is spoken by over 500 million Indians. In comparison English is widely used by around 10% of the Indian populous.

India’s internet user base grew by over 40% to nearly 480 million. Most of these new users are from semi- rural and rural India. Most of this segment craves information, news and entertainment in Hindi. But the reality is, only 0.1% of the Indian websites are in Hindi.

Most marketers specially don’t appreciate or realize the importance of Hindi when putting out your message.

Things you need to know

  1. Google AdWords now allows you serve ads to a 500 million strong Hindi speaking audience.
    If you are monetizing your website, you now get Hindi Language support
  1. Auto detect Hindi language website option.
    There are several options available HTML 5 websites
  2. Hinglish:
    Combine Hindi expressions in English. Example: “Haan, of course I do!”
    Caveat: Be selective on how you use terms and the frequency in your social media updates


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