Harvey Specter: an inspiration for all the entrepreneurs

Most of us aspire to make something of our lives, but only a few are able to make it. Life is full of tiny moments of learning, experiences, teachings, and enlightenment.

Everything and everyone has something to teach us, and deep insights can pop up literally from something you see on the street, a story that your friend tells you, a book, a poem, a movie, or for that matter — a TV show. Those who notice and adopt these lessons, grow in life, while others stay behind.

One such great mentor that we can all learn something from is the famous character from ‘Suits’ – Harvey Specter. Harvey is a respected lawyer, and is known as ‘the best closer in New York City in the show.’ Harvey Specter teaches us a lot of things, social and business confidence being two of them.

Here are some things that we can learn from Harvey Specter:

1.     Own who you are

Harvey Specter comes across as a charming, confident, and sometimes as an arrogant man. You won’t see find him worrying about what people think of him. In fact, there’ll be times when he’ll be using the negative opinions to his advantage!

You can begin implementing this, by accepting that – the views of the world are based on how you view yourself. So if you view yourself to be self-doubter, the world will doubt you too.

Therefore, you must first own who you are, for the world to accept you!

2.     Appearance is Important

The first thing anyone notices about anyone is – appearance!

People are prone to making snap judgements, the moment they see you. How you dress, how you move your body, your posture, your body language, etc. – speak for / about you more than you know.

The way you present yourself has a direct connection to the way people perceive you, making appearance very crucial to your success. It makes it easier to earn someone’s trust.

Therefore it is important that you dress according to the perception you wish to give.

3.     Stay Calm

Maintaining your composure in stressful situations is a key factor that separates the successful from the rest.

Not only does this state help you in solving yours and others problems, but also makes people respect and admire you, as you’d be one of those few who are more focused on doing something about the problem rather than stressing over it.

4.     Always maintain a strong Eye Contact

This may sound petty but it is actually very powerful.

Keeping an eye contact with another person signals many things like your charm, confidence, engagement with them, and your interest in the person. If you notice, throughout the series, Harvey confidently maintains a strong eye contact with his clients, colleagues, enemies, and of course attractive women.

5.     Believe in yourself

Before anyone else to believe you, it is very important that you first believe in yourself.

Harvey Specter’s defining quality is the high belief that he has in himself, and the amount of self-assurance and confidence he has in his abilities, mental resources, disposition, and results.

6.     Be Action oriented

Your actions are what define you! You cannot expect to reach somewhere in life without moving from where you are, and taking actions.

We set targets, sometimes we achieve them, and sometimes we miss – either ways, we learn from both, and most importantly, we keep moving forward – to our next goal. This is how we grow.

This is exactly why Harvey is known to be “the best closer” in New York City. He marks a target, makes a plan, and starts taking action after action till he reaches his goal.

Harvey Specter is the perfect textbook to learn the art of becoming an action-taking businessman who gets things done!



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