Indian Success Stories That Dazzled The World

Entrepreneurship is the most difficult and yet the most fulfilling job in the world!

Ideas and opportunities don’t just materialize out of thin air. It is the hunger for success, inspiration, diligence and persistence that make it happen. Most people end up wasting a lot of time in search of magical shortcuts to entrepreneurial success, when the only path to success is hardwork. A lot of hardwork!

Here’s a list of entrepreneurs who had an idea in mind, left their cushy jobs, worked hard, and created history…

1.     Sridhar Vembu – Zoho Corporation

Sridhar is the Founder and CEO of Zoho Corporation (formerly AdventNet Inc), and is more famously recognized as the man who turned down Venture Capital money, and built a profitable billion-dollar empire from scratch.

Sridhar comes from a modest middle class family of a stenographer in the High Court and a house wife in Chennai. He was the first one in his family to gain higher education in Electrical Engineering from abroad from Princeton University. After working for several firms and Sridhar finally co-founded started his own venture AdventNet in 1996!

A company that had been initiated as a software company serving network equipment vendors, over the period of time, transformed into being an innovative online applications provider.

It has now become a technology company based in California with development offices in India which provides SAAS services. Some of its offerings include: Network Management Framework, IT Management Products, and Zoho Office Suite. Some of its products successfully compete with giants like Microsoft, Google, Oracle and

2.     Karsanbhai Patel – Nirma

One of the most inspiring success stories of today’s times – Karsanbhai is the Chairman of the Nirma group, who leads the show along with is two sons Rakesh K Patel (procurement and logistics) and Hiren K Patel (marketing and finance), along with Karsanbhai’s son-in-law Kalpesh Patel (Human resources and Healthcare Industry – Nirlife healthcare)

‘Nirma’ success story is the perfect example of how an Indian entrepreneur took on the larger MNCs in their own playing fields, rewrote the rules of business, and succeeded!

Karsanbhai is the founder of the INR 5000 crore-Nirma group of companies that deal in manufacturing of products that range from soaps, detergents, salt, soda ash, personal care products, and so on.


Nirma’s success in this highly competitive and bullish soap market can be attributed to the the brand marketing & promotion, distribution and market penetration strategies. Their brand marketing and promotion efforts follow a simple mantra of – “give your consumer what he wants, when he wants, where he wants and at the price he wants”. This is further combined with their distribution reach and market penetration, which consisted of about 400 distributors and over 2 million retail outlets across the country. Together, these automatically lead to a sale.

This also further justifies that if you supply at the right price, the product itself has the potential to create its own demand too!

3.     Deep Kalra – MakeMyTrip

Deep Kalra is the proud founder of, and the pioneer of online travels in India, who has managed to revolutionize the travel industry for good.

His journey involves working with companies like GE Capital, ABN AMRO Bank, AMF Bowling, etc., after completing his Masters with IIM-A and before starting MakeMyTrip.

MakeMyTrip – an Indian online travel company that offers end-to-end offers online travel and travel-related services, since its launch in the year 2000, has come a long way to reach where it has today.

Starting with a backing of just USD 2-Mil, surviving the DotCom crash, rising to gross revenues of approx $500-mil, getting listed on NASDAQ, the company indeed has

In addition to a full-service online portal, the company has been through many ups and downs to and now controls close to 25% market share of the OTA hotel booking segment.

4.     Sachin & Binny Bansal – Flipkart

Another widely followed success story that every aspiring Indian entrepreneur looks up to is of Sachin and Binny Bansal’s, Flipkart! It is a company that started in 2007 and has gone on to become India’s first unicorn to receive a billion-dollar valuation.

No one had ever thought that two random boys would go on to become so big that companies like would fear them. When online-retail market in India barely had any existence, these Amazon ex-employees had dared to start a company with a mere INR 400,000.

Although, they had to go through a rough patch during the initial day of Flipkart, but it took them no time to grow. For the first two years they had to go through a series of struggles and had to work really hard, but situations turned around in their favour in 2009 when they managed to raise $1-mil and since then there was no stopping them.

By 2014 – Flipkart had not only raised $1.12 billion, but were now forcing the industry biggies (Amazon) to up their ante, in India. Today, the company boasts of revenues worth ₹15,129 crores, an employee base of more than 30,000, and Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal are now known to be one of the 100 most influential people by TIME.

Starting from a 2-member idea to a billion dollar company, Flipkart has drastically changed India’s online retail industry, and has managed to do what nobody dared to!


We hope this information proves useful and if you have any other ideas you would like to add, leave them in the below comments section. And most importantly, cheers to a successful you.


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