Don’t manage your time. Make it your friend!

Time is a tool. It is our most valuable resource. For us to be able to survive in today’s work environment, it is very important that we change the way we look at time.

Traditionally, the definition of time management was getting more done within the given time window. It somehow suggested a limited way of looking at time—as if time was against us and it was something that we had to deal with, to get it under our control.

The only problem here was that, even if we mastered the art of time management, we would still be overworked. In other words, with time management, we will become great at organizing your day, and may excel at getting things done too. But that still won’t help you make any real achievements.

We have a more powerful option! Instead of just managing our time, as if it was working against us, we can maximize it and make it work for us. By making time our friend!

The key to making the most of our day is to make real achievements — not just by learning how to manage our time, but to maximize it as well.

Maximizing our time is all about removing the most out of our time, to ensure that more is done with less. Finding maximum value in something! This way, aside accomplishing daily tasks, we’re actually making space for the things that matter most — like our goals, priorities, ambition or for that matter the larger vision of success.

Perhaps one or more of these ideas will help you:

1 Understanding the priorities, and firmly sticking to them

Prioritizing the day helps in separating the important from the unimportant. This means we don’t have to take every e-mail, phone call, meeting, and problem as it comes up. Instead, we start scheduling things in a concrete way to use every hour in the most productive way.

This is how you should go about it: –

  • Make a list of all the tasks / projects that you have in your plate
  • Break them down into two sections – more important and less important.
    • These must include anything and everything like meetings, replying to calls or mails, work, research, etc.
  • Keep room for breaks and variable change
  • You’ll notice that, not everything is fitting. Don’t worry – ensure that all important and urgent tasks are fitting, while the lesser ones can always be moved

 2 Prioritize the Priorities

There often will be days when you’ll have multiple priorities on your plate, which require a lot of your time. As much as you try to remove the clutter, the smaller tasks – it will almost always be, nearly impossible for you free yourself up. This is when it is very important that you figure out what the priority is – Priority 1…Priority 2…Priority 3…and so on. Identify them, and begin working!

3) Implementing the 5 D’s

Whenever you’re short on time, and certain tasks seem to chew up your time, the 5 Ds will work especially well. You’ll notice a drastic freeing up of time, leaving room for only the ones that require your attention. The 5 D’s include: –

  • Do It. Stop pushing around a task and do it now. This applies short tasks that require fifteen minutes or less.
  • Delete It. There are certain activities that do not require your response. These apply to anything that doesn’t advance a relationship or achieve an important goal.
  • Delegate It. Try passing on tasks to someone else who can handle the job, as often as possible. Unless it is a top priority or requires your presence pass it on!
  • Decide on It. Take a decision now and move on – no more moving things that require decision taking, from now to later.
  • Date It. These are the most important, the big-ticket tasks that require your undivided attention. Understand the amount of time you’ll need, when will be the best time to do it, and block it out in your schedule. Forget about it until then!

And lastly – before you end the present day, do ensure to plan for the next day.

Today is among the greatest gifts we have – let’s use it wisely!


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