5 Simple Ways to be more Effective at Networking

Networking is not a numbers game. It has never been about having 5000 contacts, it is about connecting effectively with a few close people in your network. This at its core is finding ways to interconnect the relationships for which you must build a powerful personal network.

What really matters is how many of them will take my call if I can pick up the phone and ask for a favour.

Here are 5 simple rules to become an effective networker

Rule 1: Networking is about being genuine and authentic about how you can help others find solutions to their problems. Failing to come across as genuine in the first 7 seconds of your introduction, you get a contact not a resource

Rule 2: Have a clear understanding about who you are. Relationships are based on trust, if you aren’t confident about what you or your product are about, no one will be able to trust you.

Rule 3: Don’t talk about your problems. Negativity hurts. Like the above point, confidence is trust, know where you are and where you will be in 5 years. Don’t mourn about issues.

Rule 4: Look for common points and let the person opposite take the conversation forward. If they are on the same approach, talk about a general topic that you know they are interested in.
Example: If the person is into SEO, ask them if WordPress is the best way to make a website??

Rule 5: Make friends, not “contacts.” Don’t look at the exercise as a means to acquire a commodity. In other words, value quality over quantity. Put away your business cards and form genuine friendships with people you meet

We hope the above rules make you a better networker and that you found this information useful. If there are any comments or feedback, do let us know in the comments section.


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