How to deal with diverse people at work

We all have difficult people in our lives that need a special kind of talent to deal with. The worst thing is that unlike your personal life, you cannot just ignore them and have to deal with them on a daily basis. In fact, chances are that you might even have to work with them on projects, in a team or under them.

However, understanding the personality of your co-workers and how to deal with them can be the real deal breaker in making you successful or a failure in life.

Psychological research has suggested several ways of coping with difficult people like the crazy co-workers or bosses, in your life. Here are the different types of difficult characters and the best ways to deal with them:

The Victim

These are the ones that who are the least accountable people in the office, to whom things somehow always seem to happen to!

The best way to deal with them is to clearly define accountability – what they should and shouldn’t be doing, the quality of the work that is required, the timelines, etc. All laid out in detail.

 The Gossip Kings and Queens

These are the people who live for the office scandal regardless of whether it is true or not. Before you could even realise about what you said to someone, you will be a part of their gossip stories to the office.

The best way to deal with them to be very clear, careful and diplomatic in your conversations and actions!

The Mr / Ms Know-It-All

There are two types of know-it-all’s: first, are the ones that are genuinely experts, competent, productive, and self-assured. And the second are the ones that come with half knowledge and over confidence. But both can be a pain in their ways!

The best way to deal with the real expert is by listening to them carefully, accurately paraphrasing their points, not attacking their ideas, suggesting alternatives, and showing respect for their knowledge. While dealing with other one, is by gently confronting them with the facts when they’re alone.

 The Pessimist

These are the ones who always have a problem to a solution! These are the negative people who drag the group down by filling it in with negativity. They’re always fault-finding, blaming, cribbing, complaining, etc.

The best way to deal with a pessimist is to not argue with them and instead, make them optimistic statements, show them possible solutions, and encourage the group to brainstorm to lead them to several possible alternatives. Then ask the pessimist with the worst possible consequences of each alternative, giving them the opportunity to do their thing. And using their negative feedback in the most constructive, and problem-solving way.

The Slob

These are like those fat kids who are always in their comfort-zones that you’ll find in every office. They can be found around the mess that they live in and create for everyone else.

The best way to deal with them is to be polite yet strict, direct and explicit about your requirement timelines, and being on their heads to get a task completed.

The Personal Assistant

These are the ones that barely complete any task, but never lose a chance to showcase the amount of work they have on their plate, their efforts and greatness to his god.

The best way to deal with them is to hear them out patiently, and help them with probable solutions to get work out of them politely.

We hope this information proves useful and if you have any other ideas you would like to add, leave them in the below comments section.
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