Know your Empire!

Based on a core concept of providing the ‘best-in-class’ service, TEBC provides a custom mix of products and services scaled to meet the needs of each client, whether big or small, local or international for significant returns. Located in the Empire complex, a sprawling 3 lac sq.ft commercial complex in the heart of Mumbai, at Lower Parel and the soul of business centres, Andheri. Providing flexible and customizable work space solutions with fully furnished offices, complete business support services, meeting and conference room facilities that enables entrepreneurs to run their businesses without incurring massive startup cost and overhead expenses. Continue reading →


What is Virtual office – How feasible is it?

The virtual office trend is alternately celebrated and scrutinized. As, it can save capital invested on large office spaces and encourage innovation with development offering remote work options. But then again, it can make your staff feel unsettled, agitated and less productive. It’s a tricky situation but the theory behind it is flexible.

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