Benefits of using gym at your workplace

The idea of having a gym at the workplace, was first introduced by Google in the 90s, as a unique approach towards employee satisfaction. They believed that to get the best talent, they had to first make their offices a better place to work. This strategy worked effectively, as exercise brought employees together, provided a much-needed outlet for stress, brought a culture of wellness, infused a sense of teamwork and fellowship among the employees, improved their confidence, and increased their productivity.

Undoubtedly, a smart move, this successful strategy has led to other companies emulating their model across the world as well.

Let’s look at the benefits of using the gym at the workplace:

1) Improves Confidence and Productivity

Engaging in exercising activities at work can really do wonders to the productivity and performance of an employee.
Since the brain is better focused and charged, you’ll feel more energized and motivated to accomplish work. It also promotes the release of mood-elevating endorphins, helps you sleep better, giving you more energy throughout the day.

2) Improves Physical Fitness and Healthier Habits

If goes without saying, working out at your office gym can help you improve your physical fitness as well and overall well-being as well. But did you know that it can also develop a health-conscious mindset?
Since you see the results after working out, you automatically start focusing on habits that are healthier, and soon your food choices and workout schedules are positively influenced with healthier choices.

3) Reduces Stress

Healthy employees are happy employees! Work environments are known to be stressful and filled with pressure. One of the key factors in health and wellness is stress management. Lesser the stress, better the health! And nothing helps release stress better than a workout at the gym. A 30-min low intensity exercise can get you feeling more relaxed in no time!

4) Boosts Brain Power & Sharpens Memory

Several studies indicate that a session of workout creates new brain cells and improves overall brain performance. It basically increases levels of a brain-derived protein in the body that is known to help with decision making, higher thinking, and learning.

Not only that but it also boosts the memory and the ability to learn new things as well. This is because getting sweaty increases production of cells that are responsible for memory and learning.

All in all – having a gym at your workplace can not only help you stay healthier, but can also directly help you grow in your professional life as well!


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