Know your Empire!

Based on a core concept of providing the ‘best-in-class’ service, TEBC provides a custom mix of products and services scaled to meet the needs of each client, whether big or small, local or international for significant returns. Located in the Empire complex, a sprawling 3 lac sq.ft commercial complex in the heart of Mumbai, at Lower Parel and the soul of business centres, Andheri. Providing flexible and customizable work space solutions with fully furnished offices, complete business support services, meeting and conference room facilities that enables entrepreneurs to run their businesses without incurring massive startup cost and overhead expenses.

Our inventive outline:

TEBC believes in innovation, with Glass roofs installed on the upper floor and big windows all around the centre that helps in maximizing the inflow of sunlight – this is definitely one of our strongest USP and is a feature lacking in most corporate offices.

The incorporation of ‘Green Walls’ and the placement of plants all across the centre not only helps in reducing the harsh heat and smog but also adds a very ‘earthy’ feel to the place. To add on, the installation of relaxing, soothing ‘water elements’ such as water curtains and a stunning Marine Aquarium, brings in the feel of nature to our centre.

Our Services:

With a team of well trained professionals committed to understanding the unique individual requirements that believes in delivering superior value to our clients through responsive and proactive result oriented client service. Adhering the core concept of providing ‘best-in-class’ service, we provide a custom mix of products and services that deliver significant and measurable returns to our clients.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book a tour today with or Call on 180 0267 7111 to discuss more opportunities at the Empire to scale up your business.





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