The Most Successful Start-ups That Have Emerged From Mumbai

Mumbai is known to be the financial, entertainment, fashion and commercial hub of India. With an estimated GDP of $368 billion (as of 2015), Mumbai is also one of the world’s top 10 centers of commerce in terms of global financial flow. Aside finance and Bollywood, some of the other major industries that have an equally strong base in Mumbai include automotive parts, utensils, biscuits (cookies), clothing, textile mills, pencils, pharmaceuticals, import, export, IT, and health care. Continue reading →


Why E-Commerce is so vital for Start-ups & incumbents

1.7 billion people. A market that is still being tapped. Over 5 billion online cash transactions a day of amounts yet unknown. Mull over that stat for a second. Now imagine if even 5 percent of those 5 billion online transactions were for the purpose of online shopping. Don’t waste your time on the math. See the big picture instead. E-commerce is here to stay. Continue reading →

Desk to a Dream: Planning your first break into the world of entrepreneurship

The word ‘entrepreneur’ is thrown around a whole lot. The classical definition of an entrepreneur is of course someone who starts off their own venture, undertaking in the process a great deal of risk. But for you to be an entrepreneur in the modern age, you need to consider the ever evolving nature of any and every business.  Continue reading →

Desk to a dream: Basic Facts about Entrepreneurship

They say that little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The same applies for entrepreneurship. You ought to know what you’re getting into, before making that vital leap of faith. Sure working for the ‘man’ isn’t the ideal situation to find yourself in. But here are the truths about working for the worst boss of all, yourself. Continue reading →