Traditional office or flexible workspace?


The world has changed and so has the workplace. It is all about creating high-performing spaces that support the needs of the diverse workers today and cutting down on huge investments in the real estate sector.

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Know your Empire!

Based on a core concept of providing the ‘best-in-class’ service, TEBC provides a custom mix of products and services scaled to meet the needs of each client, whether big or small, local or international for significant returns. Located in the Empire complex, a sprawling 3 lac sq.ft commercial complex in the heart of Mumbai, at Lower Parel and the soul of business centres, Andheri. Providing flexible and customizable work space solutions with fully furnished offices, complete business support services, meeting and conference room facilities that enables entrepreneurs to run their businesses without incurring massive startup cost and overhead expenses. Continue reading →

Virtual Offices & Entrepreneurs: A marriage made on the Clouds

Since we started the Empire Business Centre, we have come to understand that the idea of a virtual office means different things to different people. But no matter how different the perception is the one underlying theme is a virtual office is a professional facility offering premium services to business professionals who understand the importance of an office but do not want to take on the high overhead costs. Continue reading →

On how to spot and identify business opportunities.

Would Sir Isaac Newton really have discovered gravity if nature hadn’t decided to pelt him with an apple? While this may not be an apt way to begin a discussion on how to spot an opportunity, you have to appreciate the fact that Newton didn’t just appreciate Mother Nature’s largesse and eat the apple, he spent a moment in thinking about the opportunity at hand, an opportunity that with time and endless hours of work translated into the definitive theory on gravity. So how do you have your Isaac Newton moment?
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